CAF Parenting Program- Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interests in adopting animals from Companion Animal Federation. You are always welcome to consider getting an animal from our friendly animal charities as well.

Adoption Application           Parenting Fees

1 Adopters must be 18 years of age or over. Parents or Guardians living at the same address must adopt on behalf of adopters under 18.

2 Only valid CAF member will be eligible for adoption Application. Click here to see our CAF Membership Program

3 The Adoption_Parenthood Confirmation Agreement must be signed and the appropriate fees in connection with the adoption paid.

Payment :

1. By Cash

2. By Cheque : Cheque must be made payable to " Companion Animal Federation Ltd "

* Official Receipt upon clear drawing of money will be posted to the address as indicated on the Adoption Parenthood Agreement Form.

4 DOCUMENTARY residential address Proof must be presented before an adoption is approved. CAF reserves the right to request a written confirmation by the respective housing management.

5 Adopters must satisfy CAF that they will provide the adopted companion animal with a suitable home ; and to look after it with their best affordable care. According to strict regulations of the HKSAR Housing Authority, CAF will not parent animals to those living in public estates.

6 DESEXING ( Castration / OHE operation under gaseous anesthesia) IS COMPULSORY. Those who do not wish to have their animal friends desexed should not apply to adopt from CAF.
Desexing primarily prevents the birth of surplus companion animals which may not be so lucky enough to have a home.
Desexing therefore minimizes unnecessary euthanasia for young/healthy homeless companion animals.
Desexing also helps to prevent some diseases.

7 Whenever possible, desexing will be done after an animal is parented by CAF, but in cases where animals are still too young / unsuitable to undergo any surgery operation at the time of adoption, the desexing procedure will be arranged after the adopter welcomed the companion animal on board his home.

Under such circumstances an additional $1,000 deposit must be paid by the adopter before taking the animal (dog, cat) home. This deposit will be fully refunded when the animal is desexed and vaccinated with proper legal veterinary certificate.

7.1 The desexing Deposit is valid for 1 month beyond which will be forfeited ( on the grounds that the adopted mature dog reach the age of 8 months or more, for mature cat reach the age of 5 months or more at the time of the adoption )

7.2 The desexing Deposit is valid till the young dog reaches the age of 9 months, or for cat reaches the age of 6 months and has the desex operation done and vaccination done( with veterinary proof )

7.3 For rabbit, the desexing Deposit is $500. The desexing Deposit is valid for 1 month beyond which will be forfeited. This deposit will be fully refunded when the animal is desexed with proper legal veterinary certificate.

8 CAF reserves the right to refuse any application for adoption and to revise requirements or fees without notice; and CAF decision is final.

9 In the event of any dispute the English version will prevail.

10. Please call our Parenting Department for an interview arrangement as assessment.

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updated: AUG 2011